portrait of hirsch in front of wallThe dumb ox, avant garde magazine coverDiminishing image, conceptual art piece directionsHands of hirschhands of hirsch
handmade flyer for experimental music performance, San DiegoChalk paintingChalk paintingChalk paintingEyes, Chalk paintingChalk paintingChalk paintingfuture figure
figure as shapes in mirrorline drawingportrait with cut paperscientific drawing of the mouthWoodwood 2hirsch hirsch with text that reads: my eyes have nothing to do with the way I see.Hirsch with synthesizers and drum machines
Hirsch as Hirsch caricaturesculpture of figure Serif type reads: Flick the dead moth of the wall
Mutant Friend
i was sitting with a mutant friend of mine at the banks of a river in new york city laughing and crying very heavy and non-stop until all my clothes were a soaking mess of contamination as the water in front of us and my eyes burned like fire from the tears thinking of the year 2020 when things were better
Game to be played at any hour of the day
Walk north, walk south, walk west, walk east, turn left, turn right, look up, look down, now what do you know…?
My Stupid Card
stupid reactions by
stupid people who have
stupid beliefs in
stupid ideas pertaining to
stupid circumstances
The Word
the A word beginning
the B word
the C word kreation
the D word
the E word
the F word
the G word
the H word
the I word
the J word
the K word
the L word living
the M word
the N word
the O word
the P word
the Q word
the R word
the S word
the T word
the U word
the V word
the W word
the X word
the Y word
the Z word zend

Human Dilemma
Art waste body waste animal waste construction waste nuclear waste bird waste elephant waste space waste time waste hospital waste fuel waste industrial waste automotive waste chemical waste business waste office waste dream waste monetary waste household waste processing plant waste radioactive waste beauty product waste food waste news waste programing waste gas and electric wastewater waste plastics waste brain waste poetic waste visual waste

Life Is A Series Of Gains And Loses
Foreskin Tonsils Genitals
Mother Father Job Credit
Things Confidence Pounds Plans
Money Wife Husband Daughter
Brother Sister In Laws Son Partner
Friend Lover Associates Prostate Pets
Relatives Aunts Uncles Cousins Hair
Mind Faith Teeth Business
Awards Memory Child Breasts Clitoris
Arms Legs Dreams Home Family
Health Death

American Express
“An idea is a powerful thing my life is about making ideas happen”